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Pre-con Spotlight: Using Open Educational Resources in Your Classroom

Understanding how to use technology effectively in your classroom is an exciting adventure, but can be incredibly overwhelming. Most teachers want to develop their...
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Pre-con Spotlight: Using Creativity to Transform Your Formative Assessments

Formative assessments are a great tool for teachers and for students as they engage in the learning process. We know they help us monitor...
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Pre-con Spotlight: Mentoring Online Students: Conversations to Support Improvement

Online learning is an awesome opportunity to serve students in unique and individualized ways. But it requires students take a new approach to learning...
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Pre-con Spotlight: Tools and Tips for Online and Blended RTI and MTSS

Online and blended learning methods serve as a great learning option for many students. Students are able to learn in a personalized fashion, with...

Ten Newbie Tips for Success – 2017 MACUL Conference Preview #2

Newbie? No Problem! #LEARNINGforward Among the thousands of MACUL Conference attendees each year are hundreds of first-time attendees. Besides having never attended the MACUL’s annual...
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SIG INC Pre-Conference Workshop with Heather Gauck

Please join SIG INC in welcoming Heather Gauck to our pre-conference session stage! Heather is an educator in the Grand Rapids Public Schools and...
Leadership Mindshare

Leadership Mindshare

Be sure to join our next Mindshare Event! Register for Mindshare – Continuing the Conversation on March 15, 2017 at the MACUL Conference in Detroit,...
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SCRUM! Creating a Student-Centered Environment with Effective Teamwork

Collaboration through effective teamwork is key to creating a student-centered learning environment. Working together is not an innate skill. Students were not born knowing...
2016 MACUL Conference Crowd

2017 MACUL Conference Preview #1

#LEARNINGforward March weather in Michigan is always a bit dicey, isn’t it? It could be nice, but you can’t plan on it! Picture yourself walking...