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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

MACUL Conference

MACUL Conference
Teachers in classroom

SIG INC Pre-Conference Workshop with Heather Gauck

Please join SIG INC in welcoming Heather Gauck to our pre-conference session stage! Heather is an educator in the Grand Rapids Public Schools and...
Leadership Mindshare

Leadership Mindshare

Be sure to join our next Mindshare Event! Register for Mindshare – Continuing the Conversation on March 15, 2017 at the MACUL Conference in Detroit,...
Students working together with a 3D printer

SCRUM! Creating a Student-Centered Environment with Effective Teamwork

Collaboration through effective teamwork is key to creating a student-centered learning environment. Working together is not an innate skill. Students were not born knowing...
2016 MACUL Conference Crowd

2017 MACUL Conference Preview #1

#LEARNINGforward March weather in Michigan is always a bit dicey, isn’t it? It could be nice, but you can’t plan on it! Picture yourself walking...