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Future Ready Schools

Come Learn About Future Ready Schools at MACUL 2017!

Future Ready SchoolsⓇ (FRS) is a bold effort to maximize digital learning opportunities and help school districts, whether public, private, or charter, move quickly...
Map with laptop and camera

The Next Big Ed Tech Breakthrough (and it’s not a new technology)

Finding trends and the next big thing in technology in education always seems to be a hot topic. Technology changes constantly, and we want...
Space Telescope with Man

Strategies for Creating Future-Ready Classrooms, TODAY

Due to a variety of demographic, political, economic, and technological forces, the last few years have brought a tremendous amount of change to the...
New Year's Fireworks Exploding

The Second New Year

Being in education is great for so many reasons. One of my favorites is having two new years. The new year in August when...