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ADA Compliance in Online Education

Educational institutions are required by law to ensure that any digital media or materials they use for online or hybrid instruction and assessment meet...

Models of Technology Integration

Any discussion of K-12 educational technology integration requires a definition and one has been provided by the U.S. Department of Education: "Effective integration of...
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Use it Better: Personalizing learning in online/blended settings

Personalized learning: provide an approach tailored to the abilities, preferences, interests, and other diverse needs of the individual student. Song, Wong & Looi, 2012,...
Bath Tub

SCRUM a dub dub!!! In the education tub!

There is a buzz out there regarding the concept of collaboration and working together to provide a synergy in a group project. This buzz...
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Pre-con Spotlight: Using Creativity to Transform Your Formative Assessments

Formative assessments are a great tool for teachers and for students as they engage in the learning process. We know they help us monitor...
Open Book

Pre-con Spotlight: Using Open Educational Resources in Your Classroom

Understanding how to use technology effectively in your classroom is an exciting adventure, but can be incredibly overwhelming. Most teachers want to develop their...
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Pre-con Spotlight: Mentoring Online Students: Conversations to Support Improvement

Online learning is an awesome opportunity to serve students in unique and individualized ways. But it requires students take a new approach to learning...
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Pre-con Spotlight: Tools and Tips for Online and Blended RTI and MTSS

Online and blended learning methods serve as a great learning option for many students. Students are able to learn in a personalized fashion, with...
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Find it Faster: Locating, selecting and using digital media & materials

A challenge for educators adopting and using blended or online instruction and assessment is finding and effectively integrating digital content. Using digital media and...
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Engaging the Online Learner

Student engagement is at the heart of all learning, regardless of format or medium. Engagement in online or blended environments represent new challenges, since...