Saturday, March 24, 2018
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About SIG Administration

A supportive culture of educational leaders. SIG ADMIN strives to provide continuous, relevant growth opportunities to educational leaders.

The long term vision for this group is to bring SIG ADMIN alongside every event we currently do to firmly establish an easily identifiable ADMIN track at MACUL events, as well as to put on new and innovative leadership opportunities for Administrators.


From our Slack Group, we share information about events, marketing, social media, job postings, and meaningful discussions with innovative thought leaders. To gain access to the group, send an e-mail message to: Theresa Stager – and Theresa will send you the link to the group. Once you have successfully subscribed, you will gain access to the postings and discussions.


2018 MACUL Conference
March 7 – 9, 2018

2018 MACUL ConferenceThis is the 42nd annual conference at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, MI.

Raising the BAR (Balance, Assisting Practices, Relevance)
March 7, 2018 from 1:00-4:30pm
Speaker(s): SIG Steering Committe Members

As an administrator, it is hard to find the right technological tools to help balance your responsibilities and needs, assisting you in your daily endeavours and practices, and making relevance of your “Why”.

SIG Admin has scheduled an afternoon session where we have mini-stations set up for our participants to practice using tech tools which will assist them in Raising the B.A.R. (Voxer, Blogging, Podcasting, Gamification of staff meetings, Twitter and TwitterChats, Green Screens).

Space is limited for the pre-con, so be sure to register early! They are not included in the conference package and must be registered for separately.

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