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SIG Online and Blended Learning

The mission of the Special Interest Group for Online and Blended Learning (SIG OBL) is to support educators and students in their work with blended and online learning. SIG OBL provides a forum for online learning, blended learning, mobile learning devices, instructional tools and strategies for teaching and learning online. The SIG OBL community includes members with a broad range of expertise on these topics.

SIG OBL chose these two areas of focus for the 2017-2018 school year:

Intentional Lesson Design
Legal Rights and Responsibilities in Online Learning

We are planning an exciting year that will include variety of opportunities to explore these topics. It will include regular bimonthly newsletters, MACUL Community articles, webinars, slow chats and who knows what else! Join our SIG (it’s free) to receive newsletters. Visit this page regularly, follow us on Twitter or Facebook and be part of our community.

Upcoming Events


June/July 2017 ‘End of the School Year‘ issue includes:
• Links to 20 OBL focused sessions from the 2017 MACUL Conference
• Introduction to the 2017-2018 SIG OBL Leadership team
• Recommended reading: Learning First, Technology Second: How we know if technology is doing its job in our classrooms Liz Kolb’s article introducing the Triple E Framework
• Summer learning opportunities

March 2017
• Use it Better: Personalizing learning in online/blended settings
January/February 2017
• Find it Faster: Locating, selecting, and using digital media & materials
November/December 2016
• Engaging the Online Learner

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Meet your SIG OBL Leadership team for 2017-2018.

Officers were selected from the six member steering committee that was elected at our Annual Meeting in March.

  • Director – Craig Steenstra, Kent ISD
  • Operations – Erin Luckhardt, Michigan Virtual
  • Communications – Carol Isakson, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools
  • Jeremy Hyler – Fulton Public Schools
  • Jackie Dunlap – Southfield Public Schools
  • Andrew Topper, Grand Valley State University, College of Education

MACUL Board Advocate

  • Liz Kolb, University of Michigan, College of Education

Goals 2017-2018

  1. Provide value to existing members and grow membership through face-to-face and virtual experiences.
  2. Develop continuous and intentional professional learning experiences for all educators throughout the state.
  3. Focusing efforts and outreach on best practices.


SIG OBL Articles