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Dennis Doyle at Jordan Hall, Campus of the University of Notre Dame

Design Thinking Workshop during IDEA WEEK

Design Thinking In late April, I had the chance to attend part of Idea Week, a collaboration between the IDEA Center, on the campus of...
Woman looking and smiling at her mobile phone,

Edmodo: A Safe and Efficient Social Media Platform for the Classroom

As a result of the push to integrate technology into the classroom, more teachers have started to incorporate social media into the curriculum and...
Reading a Newspaper

MACUL Federal Insights

Congressional News Fiscal Year 2019 Education Spending Discussions Beginning on Capitol Hill Congress returns from a brief recess next Monday and the Senate and House appropriations...
Student team from St. Mary Catholic School. L to R: Lily Davis, Nick Teceno, Marissa Warren, Therese Mills and Robotics Team Mentor and Ferris University Student AshleyRose Watters.

St. Mary Students Discuss Future of Organ Donation

Students from the St. Mary Catholic School robotics team participated in the 2018 Student Technology Showcase at the Conference. They showcased their research project...
Newsela is an Instructional Content Platform

A Platform to Connect Students to the World Through Non-Fiction Reading

Students having access to kid friendly news is hard to come by. Newsela is a free app and website that provides students, grades 2-12,...
L to R: Eighth graders Leilani Johnson, Claire Sanderlin, Sydney Pohlod, and Danielle Winans. Student team from Laingsburg Middle School at the 2018 MACUL Conference.

Burg Broadcast at Laingsburg Middle School [Student Team Spotlight]

The Laingsburg Middle School's Burg Broadcast is a student video journalism and yearbook development program. The student team that participated in the showcase were...
Mars Elementary student team at the 2018 MACUL Conference Student Technology Showcase. L to R: 2nd graders Paul Hernandez, Andres Martinez, teacher Mrs. Renee Peddie, 2nd graders Keana Smith and Jamun Kim.

Technology in Our Classroom – Mars Elementary Student Team Spotlight

This was Mars Elementary school teacher Renee Peddie's third year taking students to participate in the Student Technology Showcase. Her team of second grade...
Air New Zealand

Some Thoughts from A Far!

No matter where in the world we live, teachers are all very much the same, we all have the best interest of our students...
Upton Middle School STS Team at the Conference - Whats in a Name

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? This question has been asked to 7th grade students at Upton Middle School in their English classes for almost 20...
Microphone with Student Shouting using Voice

Finding Your Voice

I’m good at certain things. I feel comfortable with technology and teaching others, I can make a mean salted caramel cupcake, but when I...

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