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Michigan Educators Providing Ongoing PD Online

Innovation Classroom ( highlights how technology can transform teaching and learning. Short, user-friendly videos showcase lessons integrating technology in real classrooms focused on pushing...
Are You Open to Change Shoes

Shifting Your Mindset of PD

Too many educators attend professional development (PD) sessions each year and are overwhelmed at the information presented, not given time to adapt it to...
Keyboard Certification

Why your Technology Director Needs to be CTO Certified

In the past, technology directors focused on computer hardware and infrastructure. That is no longer the reality in today’s 21st Century school. The role...

What Does it Take to Start a Cybersecurity Club/Team?

A cybersecurity club may sound challenging, especially for a non-technical teacher. However, has provided the resources to teach kids about cybersecurity and a...
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Making Connections and Growing your PLC in Ed Tech

When you’re little, you dream of the chance to meet a Disney princess, or a Marvel superhero, or any other famously out...

Boosting the Online Learner

Ask any educator that works with online learning, and they are likely to say that it comes with many challenges. MySchool@Kent in...