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April is Advocacy Month: Make Your Voice Heard

Below is a request from Craig Thibaudeau, ISTE’s Chief External Relations Officer.

As part of Advocacy Month in April, ISTE is seeking video messages from education leaders and policymakers.

We are hopeful that you would be willing to take just a few minutes to record a quick video message that answers the question, “Why do you stand for ed tech?”

Here’s the process:

Record a 10- to 20-second video of yourself explaining the reasons you support ed tech.

Post the video on your own Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account after April 1 with the hashtag #WhyEdTech.

ISTE will be sharing these messages on social media throughout April for Advocacy Month. They also envision creating a mash up of all the videos submitted, along with those from other ed tech supporters, in a Storify at the end of April.

Thank you in advance for you time and for considering this request. With voices like yours, we’re confident we can spark a grassroots movement that illustrates the importance of ed tech and encourages support for its proper funding.