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Fizzbits – Add Fun to Your Maker Creations

Fizzbit Module

Whether you build with paper or design something to print in 3D, the simple addition of a USB charged fizzbit vibrating motor can make your creation come alive. A Fizzbit, a product you currently must order from the UK, can easily be attached to a 3D printed object or papercraft character to make them vibrate and move. A one minute charge results in 30 – 40 seconds of vibration. Your students will love it.  

Find ideas for papercraft projects at http://thecraftyrobot.net.

Visit https://www.thingiverse.com/CraftyRobot/designs to find 3D objects you can print or customize. Start with the Creature Base, import into Tinkercad and create a one of a kind creature.

Order Fizzbits from www.kitronik.co.uk/5201-fizzbit-module-create-your-own-vibrating-robot.html

Papercraft Zombies with Fizzbits
Papercraft Zombies with Fizzbits

Projects ideas and tips

  • Students can decorate blank papercraft templates. Create Fizzbit characters for opposing football teams, favorite teachers, or the the North and the South in the Civil War. Draw a circle, charge them up and let them go to see who crosses the line first.
  • In time for Halloween, you’ll find papercraft Zombies www.instructables.com/id/Papercraft-Zombies/ Attach the Fizzbit with double sticky foam blocks. If using tape, students may accidentally tape over the motor. Double sticky foam is perfect.
  • Fizzbits cost $4 – $6 each, depending on quantity. Shipping costs are around $30 whether you order 1 or 100 so save $ and order in bulk.
  • Fizzbits have no on/off switch. It’s best attached them to your character and charge them as a unit. The moment they are removed from the USB charger, they begin to vibrate.  
  • Consider purchasing a multi-port USB charged and short USB extension cables to make it easier to charge without a device. I’ve had good luck with the LYFNLOVE 50W 10-Port USB Wall Charger $18 from Amazon and some 1.5ft USB 2.0 A Male to A Female Extension Cable – $1 each from MonoPrice.
Printing customized creature on the New Matter MOD-t printer
Printing customized creature on the New Matter MOD-t printer

Be sure to check out the Fizzbit Teacher’s Guide http://thecraftyrobot.net/wp/for-teachers/  


(@andrewmmann): Andy is a Director REMC 4, Instructional Technology Consultant at Muskegon Area ISD and MACUL Board Member. Andy was one of Michigan’s first tech teachers and tech director and is currently the educational technology consultant at Muskegon Area ISD. Andy is a Google Certified Trainer, co-founder of the REMC RITS group, and a two-time recipient of the ISTE Making It Happen Award for technology leadership. Andy is a popular, high-energy presented at conferences including the ISTE Conference, Learning on the Lakeshore Conference, and GoogleFest.