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Community Submission Guidelines

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Our members are our greatest resources. You are on the front lines using technology to transform education in Michigan. We’d like to share your stories. Have you found new ways of exciting/engaging your students; had an epiphany that led to a fundamental change in your classroom; found a new tool or resource that transformed your professional practice?

If you have any questions please contact us at .

Submitting original content:

Submit Your Article

• Articles should include markers where you want images or embedded content to appear: [Chart 1 goes here]. All media should have short descriptions that can be used for Alt Text. Please include all image captions (if needed) and descriptions at the end of your article.

• A Shared Google Drive folder including your article and images is preferred, but we will accept submissions shared in other ways as well (DropBox, Box, OneDrive, etc.). Any images included should be submitted in the highest resolution available.

• We will accept and re-publish previously published content. Please make it clear that your article has been published previously and include a link to where your article originally appeared.

• The average article will be between 500 – 850 words. Articles as long as 1300 words may be accepted, but are discouraged. Longer articles might be better received as a series of shorter pieces.

• In-text citations and references should be in APA format.

Sharing other content of interest to our members:

Is there content you’ve seen that would be of great interest to our members? You can use the article submission form to recommend this content. We will ask for a link to the original content and a short blurb written by you summarizing the article and/or explaining why our members would find it engaging.

Copyright/Terms of Use

The contributor continues to own the copyright in the contribution, with full rights to re-use, re-distribute their work. By contributing to the MACUL Community the contributor grants MACUL a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free and perpetual right to use, copy, modify, communicate and make available to the public (including without limitation via the Internet) and distribute, in each case in an original or modified form, the contributions as (they) wish.