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It’s All About that Chase, ‘Bout that Chase…

Goosechase app

It’s all about that chase, ’bout that chase… Goosechase!

What. in. the. World. Is. Goosechase? Did you ever participate in a scavenger hunt as a kid? Remember the excitement you felt as you went on the hunt, challenged yourself with clues, and just, in general, raced around like crazy trying to solve the mystery? Well, Goosechase is the digital version of that!

GoosechaseGooseChase App Icon is a program you play through an app on your phone (iOS & Android). The game creator (in this case, MACUL) makes missions for you to complete. There are three types of missions: Photo/Video, Text, or GPS. Each mission you complete awards you points, which you can keep track of your total on the Goosechase Leaderboard. The top Goosechase points earners will earn some awesome prizes on the final day of the conference. There might be prizes given out throughout the conference, too!

Now that you understand a little about the game, here’s what you can do to come prepared!

1. Download the app! Available for iOS & Android, download the app on your phone.

2. On Tuesday, March 19th, you’ll be able to start playing. There may be a few questions you can answer then (including one you have to do in your classroom).

  • a. Search for the game, “MACUL 2019”.
  • b. Enter the password, “MACUL19”.
  • c. Start racking up those points!

3. Read through the questions – there are some that only apply at certain times throughout the conference. If you miss out, you’re outta luck!

4. Many of the clues will help showcase all the cool things that are happening at the conference. Let it help you guide you to all the conference has to offer!

Now that you’re excited about Goosechase, consider how you might be able to bring this back to your classroom or building! Whether through a teacher Goosechase at the beginning of the school year to welcome staff back, hosting a Goosechase for new students, or using it to solve equations in Math class, Goosechase can be used hundreds of different ways in education!

Check them out today at goosechase.com/edu/!


Kerry Guiliano (@kerryguiliano): Kerry is a technology coach at Monroe County ISD and MACUL Board member.


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