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Explore the MACUL Journal. The Journal was previously published quarterly and mailed to MACUL members. Past MACUL publications are here and some are also at

Fall 2016 MACUL Journal cover#LEARNINGFORWARD

External LinkFall 2016 (Online digital version)

PDF Document Fall 2016 (Download PDF – 8.4MB)

In this issue:

  • Where are you in the Wave of Change?
  • Something’s in the Air: Drones in the Classroom
  • Leadership Mindshare
  • A Workable Structure for Integration

Summer 2016 MACUL Journal coverFull STEAM Ahead

External LinkSummer 2016 (Online digital version)

PDF Document Summer 2016 (Download PDF – 11MB)

In this issue:

  • Robotics and Coding: Create a SPRK
  • Getting Started with 3D Printing
  • Full STEAM Ahead with Creative Play

Spring 2016 MACUL Journal coverEngage Learning

External LinkSpring 2016 (Online digital version)

PDF DocumentSpring 2016
(Download PDF – 5MB)

In this issue:

  • 2016 Conference Highlights
  • Course Design, Cognitive Science, and Learning
  • Making Learning More Engaging & Interactive
  • Engaged Storytellers

Winter 2016 MACUL Journal coverAssessing Learning

External LinkWinter 2016 (Online digital version)

PDF DocumentWinter 2016 (Download PDF – 7MB)

In this issue:

  • MDE’s Move to Online Assessments
  • Assessing Collaboration
  • Assessment: Turn That Hate Into Love!
  • Easy Assessment Tools for Elementary Educator

More MACUL Journal Publications

New Frontiers in Education

Fall 2015External Link (Online digital version)

PDF DocumentFall 2015 (Download PDF – 7MB)

MACUL_Journal_Fall_2015 Also in this issue:

  • The One-Room Schoolhouse: Back to the Future
  • Entering the Social Media Frontier
  • Augmented Reality in the Science Classroom
  • Individualizing Instruction? 3 Chrome Apps that can Make It Happen

Reading in the Digital Age

External LinkSummer 2015 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentSummer 2015 (Download PDF)

MACUL_Journal_Summer_2015 Also in this issue:

  • Reading: Still Fundamental
  • Ready, Writing, and Chromebooks
  • Media Literacy: Looking Beyond Books
  • 2015 MACUL Award Winners & Conference Photo Gallery

A Culture of Collaboration

External LinkSpring 2015 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentSpring 2015 (Download PDF)

MACUL_Journal_Spring_2015 Also in this issue:

  • We Collabrify: FREE Collabrified Apps That Support Synchronous Collaboration
  • 2015 MACUL Conference Info
  • Google Groups: A Tool to Civilly Discuss Controversial Issues

Get Smart! Develop a PLN

External LinkWinter 2015 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentWinter 2015 (Download PDF)

MACUL_Journal_Winter_2014 Also in this issue:

  • Keep Calm and Develop Your PLN!
  • Working to Improve Michigan’s Personalized Learning in the Classroom
  • When a Twitter Chat Becomes a Movement
  • Google classroom: What You Should Know

Emerging Tech: The Only Constant is Change

External LinkFall 2014 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentFall 2014 (Download PDF)

MACUL_Journal_Fall_2014 Also in this issue:

  • Augmented Reality-It’s Really Here!
  • Predictive Analytics and Graphine
  • Ensuring Test Readiness in 2014-15
  • Coding in the Classroom…and MORE!

Effective Instruction: Making a Difference

External LinkSummer 2014 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentSummer 2014 (Download PDF)

MACUL_Journal_Summer_2014 Also in this issue:

  • Thank You Ric Wiltse!
  • The Changing Landscape of Professional Learning
  • Eight Things to Explore This Summer
  • 2014 MACUL Awards…and MORE!

Ignite Learning

External LinkSpring 2014 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentSpring 2014 (Download PDF)

MACUL_Journal_Spring_2014 Also in this issue:

  • 2014 MACUL Conference Information
  • Instructional Coaches Sparking Change
  • App Smashing: Getting Creative
  • Assessment Goes Mobile … and MORE!

Crafting the Common Core Classroom

External LinkWinter 2014 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentWinter 2014 (Download PDF)

MACUL_Journal_Winter_2014 Also in this issue:

  • Revisiting 54321 Michigan
  • Technology CCSS in ELA = Wow!
  • Flipping Class with a WSQ (Wisk)
  • Student Created iBooks … and MORE!

Measuring Student Learning

External LinkFall 2013 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentFall 2013 (Download PDF)

MACUL_Journal_Fall_2013 Also in this issue:

  • 22i Technology Infrastructure Grant
  • Common core Assessments: Considering Accessibility
  • Online Assessment Pilot
    … and MORE!

Staying Safe Online: Your Digital Footprint

External LinkSummer 2013 (New online digital version at
External LinkSummer 2013 (Online Digital Version)
PDF DocumentSummer 2013 (Download PDF)

MACUL_Journal_Summer_2013 Also in this issue:

  • Cyber Safety
  • Using Avatars to keep Them Safe
  • Michigan CSI – Nearly 1 Million Strong
  • MACUL 2013 Award Recipients

Blended Learning

External LinkSpring 2013 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentSpring 2013 (Download PDF)

  • Blended Learning Meets Multiple Needs
  • Teaching with iBooks Author
  • Every Teacher Needs a YouTube Channel
  • MACUL Conference Info

Social Networking in Learning

External LinkWinter 2013 (View digital version with supporting videos.)
PDF DocumentWinter 2013

  • Beginner’s Guide to Social Networking
  • The Case for Synchronous Social
  • Let’s Travel with Twitter

STEM in the Classroom

External LinkFall 2012 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentFall 2012

  • The Day STEM Changed
  • STEM MI Champions
  • Putting the T and E back in STEM
  • Classroom Clickers

Mobile Learning: Using Mobile Devices to Empower Learning

External LinkSpring/Summer 2012 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentSpring/Summer 2012

  • Pockets of Potential
  • Mobile Technology in Schools
  • Becoming a Body in Motion
  • Back to the Drawing Board

Empowering Innovation

External LinkConference 2012 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentConference 2012

  • Innovation is Personal
  • Five, Four, Three, Two, One
  • Inch Your Way Toward Innovation
  • 21 Things for Students

iPads in Learning

External LinkWinter 2011-12
  • Are iPads Creating a New Instructional Ecosystem?
  • Promoting Higher Order Thinking with iPads
  • A Primer for Presenting with the iPad
  • SciPad: Using the iPad to Investigate Science

Classroom in the Cloud

External LinkFall 2011
  • Elementary Kids and the Cloud
  • Managing Content and
    Assessment in the Cloud
  • The 21 Things Project

Data Driven Instruction

External LinkSpring/Summer 2011
  • Leading with Technology
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • The iPad as a Data Collection Tool

Essentials for 21st Century Teaching & Learning

External LinkConference 2011
  • Our Choice for Children
  • More Than Just a Story
  • Taking Kids to the Cloud
  • Conference Infobytes

PBL: Project Based Learning

External LinkWinter 2010/11: PBL
macul_journal_winter_201011__20101117_115617_2 (2)
  • Videoconferencing
  • Online Tools for PBL
  • Screen Capture Software
    and more!

Universal Design for Learning

PDF DocumentMACUL Journal: Fall 2010

Article Additions

Read complete versions of the articles from the Fall 2010 MACUL Journal, Volume 31, Issue 1:

PDF DocumentMaking Movies: Science Myth Busters
By Jan Harding

PDF DocumentTo Podcast, or Not To Podcast…
By Randy Cook

Authentic Assessment

Conference 2010

Collaborate, Communicate, Create

Winter 2009/2010

Classroom Practices in ELA & Social Studies

Fall 2009

Classroom Practices in Math & Science

Spring/Summer 2009

Educational Gaming

Teaching & Learning in a Digital World: Best Practices

New Literacy – New Challenges

Collaboration Through Technology

Stretching Dollars: Open Source & Freeware in Education

Technology: 21st Century Learning Tools

eMpower through eLearning