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MACUL member in EPFP training (Educational Policy Fellowship Program through Michigan State University)

MACUL has so kindly allowed me, Tim Davis, to participate in this incredible fellowship program for the 2013-2014 school year. Throughout the year, we meet monthly in Lansing, and work on learning all there is to know about Educational Policy. One of the first trips we take as a group is to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to the battlefields of the civil war. The main focus of this trip, and it’s relation to Policy, is to learn about the battle, and what went right and what went wrong in regard to listening to a “plan”. Many of the Union’s actions were considered the “correct” course of action, and thus, why they won the battle. Many of the Confederate’s actions related to not having a set course of action, and not having a set consequence of not following a policy. Thus, they did not win, the battle.

My favorite part of this policy formation however, are the guest speakers. We have had Michigan Representatives, Mayors, policy experts, and our fearless leader’s guidance. What I have been garnering out of this experience so far is the learning of what it takes to make policy, what it takes to implement policy, and most importantly, to learn what makes good and bad policy. Patience is not my greatest virtue, and I have been fascinated by learning the “process” by which policy is made and implemented in some cases. Depending on the “what” of your process, factors can vary. I find this most interesting, as I always thought I had a basic understanding of the process, but now I feel I am getting a really good view of all of this and what is needed to make things “happen”.

I feel very fortunate to have MACUL give me this opportunity, and I look forward to talking more about my experiences in future installments of this communication.