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MI Roadmap: Transforming Education Through Technology

Michigan Roadmap

On March 14, 2017, a new Michigan State Education Technology Plan, MI Roadmap: Transforming Education Through Technology, was presented to the Michigan State Board of Education. Because a state education technology plan is no longer a federal requirement for states, Michigan is taking a new approach to the plan. This is a dynamic, living plan to which we will measure our progress. The development committee will reconvene annually to assess whether strategies and activities have been met or targets need to be adjusted and reestablished. This will allow us flexibility in a world of accelerating change.

MI Roadmap is the culmination of extensive in-person and virtual meetings with a diverse stakeholder group. The plan implementation will involve an even wider group of individuals, as all stakeholders help to operationalize the work.

MI Roadmap logoMI Roadmap sets forth a vision for education in which learners are provided differentiated supports personalized to the individual needs of each student supported by appropriate technologies. To realize this plan, it is essential that leaders recognize technology is integrated into our lives every day and learning should mirror this to prepare students to be successful in career, college, and civic life. As educational leaders and innovators, it is up to us to ensure that students are prepared for the post-digital age.

So, how can you use this plan? Districts can use it as a model for education technology goals, adopt it outright, or support the implementation of the plan. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the forthcoming vignette compilation, sharing stories of how educators across the state are making the plan goals, strategies, and activities come to life. We encourage you to explore the plan through your unique lens. Converse with colleagues regarding what supports might be necessary to actualize the plan. Share the vision with various stakeholder groups and help increase awareness.

To help share the plan with your district, school, or organization, we have created the MI Roadmap Toolkit, which includes MI Roadmap, slide deck, suggested/customizable feedback activity, and an interest form if you would like to help with plan implementation which will be organized by goal groups of learning, teaching, assessment, leadership, and infrastructure.

As educational technology champions, you are critical to making our vision a reality in classrooms, schools, and districts across Michigan. We thank you for your leadership and sharing our vision of transforming education through technology in order to spur Michigan’s realization of becoming an education destination.


Ann-Marie Mapes (@annmariemapes): Ann-Marie is the Technology Planning Coordinator and Communications Consultant at Michigan Department of Education.