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Support Raising The E-Rate Cap

This week ISTE was briefed by Federal Communications Commission staff about Chairman Wheeler’s plan to begin updating the E-Rate program.  The plan, as described, provides NO new funding for E-Rate, phases out support for telephony and would make significant structural changes to the part of the E-Rate program that funds internal connections and Wi-Fi. Today, in response to this proposal, ISTE launched the #RaiseTheErateCaptwitter and social media campaign.


Please take a moment to tweet to the FCC (sample tweets below) with the message that modernizing and updating our school networks require additional funding. Please share this information with your membership and encourage them to make their voices heard.  Our community must be vocal. 

  • @FCC I’m an educator #RaiseTheErateCap
  • @FCC I’m a student and I need high speed broadband #RaiseTheErateCap
  • @FCC #Erate keeps our students connected #RaiseTheErateCap
  • @FCC Our students can’t wait #RaiseTheErateCap before school year 2014-15
  • @FCC #Erate has been essentially level funded since 1998, costs for schools have increased. #RaiseTheErateCap
  • @FCC Broadband keeps students competitive #RaiseTheErateCap before school year 2014-15
  • @FCC I’m a parent. I expect a 21st century learning environment for my child #RaiseTheErateCap