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Three Reasons to Apply for a MACUL Grant

MACUL grants

The MACUL grant program is for classroom educators, technology coaches, coordinators, or administrators that are interested in promoting effective instructional uses of technology or related-equipment.

This year’s grants worksheet, rubric and application are now available! The deadline to submit is May 15, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. EST. Submit a grant proposal now.

Three Reasons to Apply Today

1. You need funding for an educational project in your classroom. 

Is there a totally cool project you want to do with your students, but your district just can’t afford the expense? Obtaining the grant will give you the ability to pay for the project without worrying about paying that money back! 

It’s also costs nothing to apply. Sign-up for a free membership, and you can submit a proposal today.

2. There’s up to $1000 available.

Grants are for amounts up to $1000 and can cover a lot of new technology. Get a chance to see the gleam in your students’ eyes when you implement your project.

3. You have not applied within the last two years. 

If it’s been over two years since the last time you have applied you can apply again. Take advantage of a tech update or new classroom offering that you want to purchase. Remember your grant proposal should be essentially a technology and instruction based proposal.

Application Process

Would up to $1000 help your project become a reality? What are you waiting for? 

The application form and grant proposal materials for the 2019-2020 MACUL Grants can be downloaded at http://macul.org/grants/. Don’t forget you must be a MACUL member to apply. 

Submit a Grant Proposal

Grant Winner Success Story

Teacher Lorri Batsie from Hackett Catholic Prep in Kalamazoo, Michigan explains her process and what being awarded a 2018-19 MACUL grant meant for her and her students.


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