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SIGINC members and Workshop presenter Heather Gauck

The annual MACUL conference might as well be an eternity away for students and teachers at the beginning of their new school year.  The conference must seem very distant and hazy. For those involved with making sure these three annual days of learning are the most relevant, energizing, and meaningful for attendees the conference is never out of focus.

The organization worked this year to align several timelines so that when conference registration opened up in September all of the relevant information was available right then. Previously if you wanted to attend a pre-conference workshop that information was not coming out until after the new year. This year the organization will not be calling them pre-conference, but simplifying the sessions to be called workshops.  If you are there on a Wednesday you are not pre-conference, the conference begins for you when you arrive!

The workshops are largely determined, organized, and executed through the hard work of the nine different special interest groups. These groups took the challenge of a compressed timeline and really exceeded expectations. The Wednesday workshop lineup is as strong as it has ever been, and even better it was available in September! All 37 workshops are available and ready to select now at https://maculconference.org/workshops/!

The new timeline will eliminate the need for attendees to receive multiple district approvals for the conference. In some schools attendees would get approval to attend the conference, wait for the workshop list, and then have to go back to increase their approved amount, which of course is not always possible.  

These Wednesday workshops are an extra $79 per session, but I believe having the information out ahead of time will increase the likelihood our members can attend the workshops of their choice. I also expect this will have an impact on the attendance of our workshops so don’t wait, take a look at the offerings and if you see something that fits your needs sign up!

See you in Detroit! Learn more about the workshops at https://maculconference.org/workshops/


 (@jrommel): Joe is an Educational Technology Consultant for the Berrien Regional Education Services Agency (RESA) in Berrien Springs, MI, and MACUL Board Member.


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